How does it work?

What are your wishes for a unique personalized guestbook, photo album

Master bookbinder Anne-Mieke Boonstra makes your guestbook, photo album or box.

Get in touch and tell your wishes

What should your guestbook or photo album look like? What event is it for? How many pages do you want? Do you like red or blue? A linen band or bound in leather? There are countless options. Send photos, logos or invitation cards to give me an idea of your style.

At first, you receive a free design

You receive a design free of charge and without any obligation. The design will always be very exclusive and personalized.

What will the price be?

A handmade guestbook, photo album or box has no fixed price. It is tailor-made. Every book is unique with different sizes, materials and decorations. But to give you an idea, most books cost around 200 to 300 euros. With the design, you will receive a quote. So no surprises

Your book will be handmade

If you agree with the design and the price, I make your book, album or box with the greatest care. You are always assured of a professional and personalized book or special box.

What is the delivery time?

It takes approximately two weeks. When it’s ready I sent it to your desired address. You only pay after delivery.